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Sterilization UV-C bag | StériPÜRE by Nail Création

Sterilization UV-C bag | StériPÜRE by Nail Création

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UV-C sterilization


This new product by Nail Création is perfect for sterilizing all your daily dry items! After just one use, you won’t want to do without it. Perfectly sized to sterilize your cell phone, keys, glasses, reusable mask or headphones, it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces thanks to UVC lights. In addition to having a good size, it has an adjustable strap, which makes it very easy to carry anywhere. Since it has a USB plug-in port, you can use it at home, in the office or even in the car.


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– has 6 UVC lights of 6mW
– sterilizes almost everything in your home (dry products only)
– connection using a USB cable (cellular cube, in your car, via your computer)
– portable to sterilize wherever you go (comes with a strap)
– input: 5v == 2A
– the lifespan of UV-C LED light is 100,000 hours
– contains a holder that allows 360 degree sterilization


UV-C radiation is a well-known disinfectant. All bacteria and viruses tested to date (several hundred over the years, including various coronaviruses) react to UV-C disinfection. A clear indication that UV-C plays a valuable role in your protection strategy.



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