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Gray shades powder set

Gray shades powder set

3.99 $

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Decoration + resin and powder technique


This set is ideal for decorating your nails to create pretty designs.


Sprinkle or apply a small amount of powder on the nail to decorate it or to create a gradient.

See all our application techniques here.



Includes: 3g each of gray powder (4 shades) plus 50 dark gray stones and 50 light gray stones.


Warning: In case of inhalation: Move the person to a source of fresh air, consult a doctor in the event of a complication. On contact with the eyes: Rinse the eyes for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.


Poly (2-methacrylolyl oxyethyltrimethylam omnium chloride) macromolecule bis-(2-methoxycarbonyl-benzoyl)-peroxide, RED2, titanium dioxide, Amido Black 10B, Pigment Yellow 74, Basic Blue 24, LEAD (+2) Carbon Ate, Basic, poly(ehylene terephthalate.



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