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Steamer device

Steamer device

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Manicure removal


Our steamer device will allow you to safely remove your manicures.


1. Run the gold file over the surface of your nails;
2. Place the plastic container in the bottom of the device and pour in 5 ml of acetone or non-acetone solvent;
3. Turn on the Steamer device and wait for it to change from H (heating) to S (ready to Steam). This step can take up to 2 minutes;
4. Place your 5 fingers in the device for about 3 to 5 minutes;
5. Switch off the device. Use the buffing block (or the zebra banana file) to remove the residue;
6. Turn on the device and wait for the light signal to change from H (heating) to S (ready to Steam);
7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until there is no residue.

See all our application techniques here.



You will need 100% pure acetone to use it.

Removal time: Gel polish 3-5 min., Resin and powder 6-8 min., Acrylic gel 8-10 min.


– You must turn off the device when you have reached step #5 (if you plan to repeat step #4) Otherwise the device will lose its heat and this will prevent the device from being in H and S mode at the same time.
– W mode means Warm, you must turn off the device and start over from the starting point. The appliance turns to W when the lid is on top and it is not in use (eg in step 5).
– You don’t have to scrape the natural nail with an orange stick or cuticle pusher to remove residue in step #1. It will damage your natural nails.
– The steamer box includes two containers as well as five replacement pads.



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