Nail Creation's points program

A simple loyalty program that offers discounts quickly !

Automatically earn Nail Creation Points with every purchase made online in our shop.

You get 500 points on your first order, then 10 points for every $ 1 spent in our online store.
EX: A purchase of $ 50 therefore represents 500 Nail Creation Points.

Also get 200 points as a thank you from us when you send us a Review on one of our products in store. You can send us a Product Review by going to the web store and clicking on the product of your choice. Below the product photo is the Description tab and the Reviews tab. Click on it and complete the Notice form to send it to us. Once your Review has been reviewed by our team (for faults only if this is the case) we will publish it and you will then automatically get 200 points. Limit of 5 Reviews per customer.

Then redeem your points for discounts or even free products !

The more points you accumulate, the greater your reward and the more you save.

To accumulate points faster, you can purchase products offering bonus points (in special promotion) as well as by participating in our various Facebook contests where points are offered.

How to redeem your Nail Creation Points ?
You can redeem your Nail Création Points at any time when paying for your purchases. 100 points to be redeemed represent $ 1 off your order total. You don’t need to reach 100 points to get discounts. You can redeem all or just some of your points to reduce the total amount of your order, it’s up to you !