Our history

Nathalie Ouellet

Owner and founder of Nail Création

Nathalie Ouellet has always been passionate about sales and high-end products. After working for a Montreal-based marketing firm, she decided in 1996 to start her own home-based business and to become a speaker at many of the city’s trade shows and conventions. Subsequently, she opened a private school to train beauty and nail technicians from all over Quebec. She also conveyed her passion for the professional field of beauty by teaching aesthetic techniques for two years at the Pierre-Dupuy vocational training center, as part of the aesthetic studies program.

In addition, Ms. Ouellet distinguishes herself in the field of the sale of aesthetic and nail products throughout Quebec, with the mission of partnering with the largest distributors. Being an innovator, she was also a master in the creation of jewelry sold in department stores such as Taylor and Renaud-Bray, to name a few. Nail art and products, however, are her true passions; She then returned towards that feild and has had a resounding success in pharmacies, both in the sale of her products and in the training of staff. Nail Création is dedicated to the training of cosmeticians at the beginner or advanced level in a large number of pharmacies.

Supported by a strong team at her office and on the road, Ms. Ouellet is also represented by a team of experienced professionals trained by Nail Création. As both a businesswoman and a mother, Nathalie Ouellet has carved out a leading position in Quebec in the field of nail care and nail care products. Hence, she expects no less than the best for herself and for her customers.

In January 2015, life changed drastically for Nathalie. She was diagnosed with very severe breast cancer. At that moment, she had to restore all her priorities; fighting against this very aggressive disease became her main battle. During all the treatments and surgeries, she remained strong. With the help of her daughter and her team, she continued to manage her company. In fact, the love of her family and of her many friendships as well as Nail Creation gave her all the energy and emotional support needed to continue living.

Finally, in the fall of 2017, she got confirmation that she had overcome cancer. Since then, Nathalie works very hard to cross the borders of Nail Creation.

Our goal

Our goal is to always provide you the best nail products. We work with the best suppliers in Quebec and overseas to offer you quality products at affordable prices and of professional quality. We are always on the lookout for new products to compose our store.

Our team, mainly made up of women, works hard to provide you with exceptional service.

Our collaborations



She shows you her favorite colors, some new products as well as tips and tricks for a professional quality manicure and pedicle!

OD chez nous


We are very happy to announce that we were one of the official sponsors of Occupation Double Chez Nous! Throughout the season, you were able to see the candidates using our Nail Création and Angelic products!

We have also created few kits in connection with this partnership. You can find them in our shop.

Fondation cancer du sein du Québec


Since the diagnosis of breast cancer of Ms. Ouellet, owner of Nail Création, the company has partnered with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Indeed, Nail Création collects donations with the sale of some of its products and gives them all to the Foundation every year.

cuticule oil

For the benefit of la Fondation cancer du sein du Québec.


Travel partner

Using Angelic by Nail Création products, our new range of gel polishes, Emy-Jade, Lucie, Cindy and Béatrice were able to do their nails in the comfort of their hotel in Ibiza.

In collaboration with Reach By Us.

Pop underwear


Partnership with the POP UNDERWEAR tour around Quebec – with Jessica Dénommé, Vahiné Lefebvre and photographer David Mamàn.


Travel partner

Hawaii Travel Partnership – with Maud Poulin, Jessica Dénommé, Livia Martin and Audrey-Anne.


Our advertisements appeared in TVA Publications magazines in 2015